Monday, February 25, 2013

Anna Sage

She's here!  Actually, she's been here for TWO weeks already, but it' taken me that long to get onto my blog.  Shhhh, don't tell Anna.

Anna Sage Linn was born on February 11 at 12:37pm.  She weighed 9 pounds, 8 ounces, and 21 3/4 inches long.  She is perfect.

It's a little overwhelming to think of us a family of FIVE, but everyone is adjusting just fine, and we're really enjoying this baby.  I remember being very "scheduled" with Elise, making her wait to eat until exactly 3 hours and then trying so hard to keep her awake afterwards. Because that's what babywise said.  :)  This time around, things are just a little more laid back.  That's just how it is with the third, I guess.  I'm enjoying my cuddle time with Anna when the other girls are in bed, nursing as much as possible so that she passes her weight check in a couple days, and trying to soak in all the newborn joys while I can.  If I've learned anything from the other two, it's that each stage goes by so quickly.  I'm bound and determined not to "miss" any of it.

Here's a few pictures of our sweet baby girl:
so sleepy!!
the girls meeting Anna for the firs time
not a big fan of her first bath!

Friday, February 8, 2013

daddy daughter dance

Elise and Bryan had a very special night tonight.  It was the father daughter dance at Ridge Point.  As if the dress, jewelry, and fancy hair wasn't enough, a night with just her daddy was what had Elise really really excited.  Before they left, Elise asked "mommy, do you think daddy and I will hold hands when we dance??"  This girl loves her daddy.  :)  They were gracious to pose for a few pictures before heading out.  Bryan even picked up a tiny corsage!

They got home around 8:30, and Elise was eXhaUsTed.  The first thing she told me was that they played the song "call me, maybe."  She also told me that there were tons of people there and that she danced a lot.  Then, she was too tired to talk and I took her upstairs and tucked the dancing queen into bed.  I'm thinking that she'll be excited to tell about her and daddy's fun night some more in the morning.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Dance Class

I signed Elise up for a dance class at Zeeland Rec.  I never did any dance when I was little, so it's been fun to learn a little bit as Elise and I figure it out together.  On monday, the moms and dads were invited to watch what the girls had learned the last 3 months.  What fun!  Just the 10 little girls in their pink dance clothes was cute enough, and then to see them twirl and hop and count....oh my!  Check out the cutie pics and video of Elise doing her thing...

singing/bouncing the plie song
Circle time with Miss Cindy
dancing in front of the mirror
all lined up to practice hops, skips and jumps
Here's a favorite video of Elise practicing her jumps: